Letter to the Community

Yanique Redwood, PhD, MPH
President and CEO
David C. Rose
Chair, Board of Trustees

If you are reading this letter, like us you are probably feeling the impact of our national climate … acutely. The emotional and physical toll of this climate cannot and should not be underestimated. The distrust of media, our governments and each other is thick and palpable. It would be naïve to believe that these dynamics could somehow affect us personally as we watch and listen to the news but skirt our organizations, leaving them intact and unscathed. Consumer Health Foundation is an institution, but it is also a group of people—board and staff members who have come together with personal and professional commitments to racial equity and justice—and we feel this moment profoundly.

Over the past two years, the national climate made its way inside of the organization. We have experienced both the emboldening of racism and anti-racism. Inevitably, the same clashes of values and worldviews out there manifested within and forced us to confront white supremacist culture and racist ideology that we let slide for fear of calling it out and possibly hurting each other’s feelings. Indeed, the inherent friction of attempting to resolve primacy among equally compelling priorities involving privilege and power (racial, economic, religious, etc.) led us to critically examine traditional progressive alliances and to recommit to that which we cherish and value.

We believe every human life is valuable and should have the opportunity for the fullest expression of health, wholeness and dignity. We also know that some lives (i.e., Black people and other people of color, immigrants, and LGBTQIA members of our society) are not valued by society’s institutions, and we have taken distinctly more unsafe positions in the current environment in order to act more boldly to correct this schism. We take these positions for all those in our community who live precariously yet courageously.

We also hope we are creating safe spaces for board, staff and our partners to collectively and collaboratively work for equity and justice. We realize that these safe spaces are needed not just for the work but also for healing, relationship, laughter and appreciation.

As you take on the big work of equity and justice, remember to find or create those safe spaces. It might be a conversation on the porch with your neighbors or a potluck at someone’s house. It could be a hug or eye contact just to communicate that I know what you are going through, and I am with you. These small acts also cannot and should not be underestimated. This is our social compact and it will get us through the days, weeks and months ahead.

Grantmaking Overview

DC Fiscal Policy Institute

DC Fiscal Policy Institute


To provide general operating support.

DC Hunger Solutions/Food Research and Action Center

DC Hunger Solutions/Food Research and Action Center


To provide general operating support.

DC Primary Care Association

DC Primary Care Association


To advocate for a health system that provides comprehensive care, improves health, contains costs, and addresses the social factors that affect health.

Dreaming Out Loud

Dreaming Out Loud


To provide general operating support.

IMPACT Silver Spring

IMPACT Silver Spring


To support its advocacy work which will help low-income communities and communities of color to build assets and increase their financial security.

Institute for Public Health Innovation

Institute for Public Health Innovation


To support the Center for the Community Health Workforce, which will work to ensure Community Health Workers are integrated in the public health and health care systems.

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Board & Staff

Board of Trustees

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Yanique Redwood

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Yanique Redwood

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Board & Staff Diversity

CHF Board Race and Ethnicity Composition

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13%Under 35
13%65 or older

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20%Under 35
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